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Saturday, January 29, 2005

We took a weekend...

To whomever cares, all five of you who come here, Ive taken down all the other files because they haven't been working for people with PC's. I suspect that for some reason these files are only working with Macs which sucks because 98% of all computers run on Windows. So, on to today's post.

The Mountain Goats-The Mess Inside

The Mountain Goats have been around for a while and when I say that I actually mean John Darnielle, the only guy in the Mountain Goats. Anyway the point is that this guys writes really good songs on acoustic guitar and then records them on a shitty department store boombox. But that isn't a a downside to his music it's part of its immense charm. This song comes from his 2003(I think) effort "All Hail West Texas". This is an album filled with funny and heartbreaking stories of frienship, distance, loneliness, and of course heartbreak. This is a song about the latter. The couple in this song keep taking trips trying desperately to salvage their love but it doesn't work out. It sounds simple because on the surface it is, but as you listen to the song more and more you realize just how smart and true everything he says is. Whatever. Buy this album. I hope some people are actually able to listen to this song. If you can please post comment telling me it was successful.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

What if I...

Well I've decided to take down "Sunken Treasure" and "AFK" to make room for more MP3's and "Sunken Treasure didn't seem to be working for some people, a shame considering it's one of the best songs I've ever heard. Anyhow the next song up is :

Justin Farren-The Pig Farm(La Granuja Del Puerco)
This is by Sacramento(my hometown) folk musician Justin Farren. The nice jaunty acoustic guitar opens up the song with some minimal drmming that gets your foot tapping. But really pulls you in is his voice. It's high, sweet, and somehow familiar. This song, for me anyway, is about not really wanting to get older and take on the responsibilites and the pressures that come with age. Instead, all he wants to do is live in Hawii(except for that pig farm job on the side) and live from from all of society's pressures. And while he's singing this the drums pick up and some "la la" harmonies are added invoking images of palm trees and blue-crystal water in our heads. Whenever I listen to this song it never fails to relax me its so pretty. Aside from the song itself, I remind you again that this is by a LOCAL musician who is actually struggling. So, if you like this song, the album and the cut itself is avaliable on ITUNES for $9.99 and $.99 respectively. Yup. Buy it Cheapo.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Beatles anyone?

The Beatles-Dear Prudence(demo)

This comes from what was called the Esher Demos/Sessions. This came about after the Beatles came back from India and just recorded a bunch of songs that they had written down by the Ganges. All the performance consists of is John, Paul, and George sitting around with acoustic guitars and singing into a pretty low quality tape recorder; no George Martin no Ringo. This is an amazingly intimate look at this song in it's developing stages. Even though it doesn't have Paul's hypnotic bass or the incredibly high harmonies that were stcked on later, it's still breathtaking to listen to. Near the end of the recordeing someone flubbs a note and says "Oops!" as Lennon is spouting non-sequiters that thankfully did not make it onto the final version. It's these kind of things that make demos exciting to listen to, especially when it's made by one of the greatest bands of all time. oh yeah.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

autumn fires

i wish i knew how to link these things in a more attractive way but i don't know anything about computers. but i do like music and this song, WILCO'S-SUNKEN TREASURE, is one of my favorite songs of all time. its a live version from 2002 and everything is perfect. it's basically just jeff tweedy with his guitar for the first half of the song with some VERY subtle keyboards shadowing him. by the end it he's furiously strumming away as drummer glenn kotche lays down a stark and abstract drum beat. this is what i feel is the defintive performance of this song, the dynamics are perfect, you can hear the genuine melancholy in his voice as he questions the importance of music in his life. god i love this song.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

This one actually works

Alright, for some stupid reason the nickle creek thing didnt load right onto my host so..i'll post a different track, it's off of Pinkbacks new album.

this song, AFK, is all about distance "no one uses the phone anymore!" and the anger that comes with it. But by the end of the song anger turns to longing as everything calms down as he whipsers "and i miss you, not in a little way". its a good song off of a really solid effort.
ps-to download the track just cut and paste the link and it wilol take you to the place with the music.

take two

that link didnt work, hope this one will

wilco creek

well even though you cant tell its nickel creek doing wilco's 'i am trying to break your heart" it is. the bluegrass trio's interpretation of this song is very dynamic and it is very good. this version is great simply for the huge peaks and valleys it adds to the song, not to mention the great instrumentation of the guitar, fiddle, and mandolin all playing off of eachother.


Man, I don't even know if i can post Mp3's or maybe I just can't figure it out.


This is my first post, I'm just seeing if this works. I intend to post some good music every other day. I'm really excited about sharing music with other people that I enjoy. Hope somone actually reads this.