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Monday, January 24, 2005

Beatles anyone?

The Beatles-Dear Prudence(demo)

This comes from what was called the Esher Demos/Sessions. This came about after the Beatles came back from India and just recorded a bunch of songs that they had written down by the Ganges. All the performance consists of is John, Paul, and George sitting around with acoustic guitars and singing into a pretty low quality tape recorder; no George Martin no Ringo. This is an amazingly intimate look at this song in it's developing stages. Even though it doesn't have Paul's hypnotic bass or the incredibly high harmonies that were stcked on later, it's still breathtaking to listen to. Near the end of the recordeing someone flubbs a note and says "Oops!" as Lennon is spouting non-sequiters that thankfully did not make it onto the final version. It's these kind of things that make demos exciting to listen to, especially when it's made by one of the greatest bands of all time. oh yeah.


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