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Saturday, January 29, 2005

We took a weekend...

To whomever cares, all five of you who come here, Ive taken down all the other files because they haven't been working for people with PC's. I suspect that for some reason these files are only working with Macs which sucks because 98% of all computers run on Windows. So, on to today's post.

The Mountain Goats-The Mess Inside

The Mountain Goats have been around for a while and when I say that I actually mean John Darnielle, the only guy in the Mountain Goats. Anyway the point is that this guys writes really good songs on acoustic guitar and then records them on a shitty department store boombox. But that isn't a a downside to his music it's part of its immense charm. This song comes from his 2003(I think) effort "All Hail West Texas". This is an album filled with funny and heartbreaking stories of frienship, distance, loneliness, and of course heartbreak. This is a song about the latter. The couple in this song keep taking trips trying desperately to salvage their love but it doesn't work out. It sounds simple because on the surface it is, but as you listen to the song more and more you realize just how smart and true everything he says is. Whatever. Buy this album. I hope some people are actually able to listen to this song. If you can please post comment telling me it was successful.


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