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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

What if I...

Well I've decided to take down "Sunken Treasure" and "AFK" to make room for more MP3's and "Sunken Treasure didn't seem to be working for some people, a shame considering it's one of the best songs I've ever heard. Anyhow the next song up is :

Justin Farren-The Pig Farm(La Granuja Del Puerco)
This is by Sacramento(my hometown) folk musician Justin Farren. The nice jaunty acoustic guitar opens up the song with some minimal drmming that gets your foot tapping. But really pulls you in is his voice. It's high, sweet, and somehow familiar. This song, for me anyway, is about not really wanting to get older and take on the responsibilites and the pressures that come with age. Instead, all he wants to do is live in Hawii(except for that pig farm job on the side) and live from from all of society's pressures. And while he's singing this the drums pick up and some "la la" harmonies are added invoking images of palm trees and blue-crystal water in our heads. Whenever I listen to this song it never fails to relax me its so pretty. Aside from the song itself, I remind you again that this is by a LOCAL musician who is actually struggling. So, if you like this song, the album and the cut itself is avaliable on ITUNES for $9.99 and $.99 respectively. Yup. Buy it Cheapo.


  • dude! when i got back to my computer tonight this song was on my computer. now i do not know how it got into my computer, which is strange. but i liked it. good job, captain bloggerific.

    By Blogger COURTNEY PINAR A., at 10:58 PM  

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