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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Nobody knows my name

Television Personalities-Look Back in Anger

Not many people know about this band. But I do and I'd like to share their music with you. This band was part of the 'no-wave" movement in the '80s, whatever that means. The guy who I worked with at the record store told me that when he reccomended them. Anyhow, they recorded a couple of albums, never had a hit, the lead singer/songwriter got addicted to heroin, and the band broke up up. This song comes from the album "And don't the kids just love it". It's a mix of power-pop stuff and punk, kinda like the Replacements but more English. The guitars are really springy with little rhythmic flourishes all around. Behind it are some chaotic drums that sound like they were recorded a mile away but somehow keep the song in its place. The best part of the song is when the singer says "I'm very sorry", he has some weird kind of speech inpediement that makes his delivery special and like nothing else I've heard. This song makes you want to dance...and I hate to dance. When I do it looks like a 100 year old man trying to get to his wheelchair, very wobbley.

PS-Blogger changed the comments system so you dont have to register now to make one. That means yYOU can make a comment. Even my Auntie Irene can make one. It's easy.

PPS-If you don't like this song you suck.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

This is your favorite band's favorite band

Big Star-Thirteen

It's true. Every band thats any good loves Big Star (ie: Wilco, The Replacements) and I want to love them too. The only problem I have is that most of their music sucks. These guys played '70s rockers and quite acoustic ballads, were ignored by the public, worshipped by the critics, and influenced mine( and your) favorite bands. Of the two aforementioned song categories, this song falls in the latter. There seems like there's only one or two guitars here but its actually three or four swimming around each other to create a beautiful and sweet song that looks back on 8th grade, girls, and rock n roll. Although I dont love Big Star like I wish I could, this song is definitely one of my favorites of all time. Just check my Itunes top played list. Or dont. Just listen to the song and take in those harmonies that sound as if they were recorded underwater; they WILL kick your ass.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Gimme Spoon

So I just got a hold of the new Spoon record "Gimme Fiction" due out May 10th and I like it, but I just don't know how much. Has it been worth the threee year wait? Their last record "KIll the Moonlight" was filled with infectious keyboards, melodies, and beatboxing which I'm not sure this record can top. There are however, lots of fuzzed out guitar solos and fills throughout the songs which remind me of Jeff Tweedy's style on Wilco's latest, "a ghost is born"... thats good. My biggest complaint so far is that the songs don't have enough room to breathe, some songs feel way too cluastrophobic to be completely likeable. Here is the song.

Spoon-Sister Jack

This song fucking rocks, its catchy, has a BIG propolsive beat, and cool guitar and strange sounds all around. I haven't listened enough to the song to know what its about yet but I'm enjoying it anyway and I hope you do to. If anyone from Merge sees this and hates me for posting it, just email me at and tell me to take it down. Otherwise it'll be gone in about a week.

Monday, February 14, 2005

St. Valentine was not a real least that's what they tell me

So once upon a time there was a kid at college without any reason to acknowledge Valentine's Day but he did anyway by posting this song for the people who feel sad or mad on this Hallmark Holiday.

Beck-True Love Will Find You in the End

This song is a cover of Daniel Johnston tune, a schizophrenic comic book enthusiast and musician who writes emotionally honest songs about pretty much everything. This performance comes from last years Cochella music festival and Beck's cover is the best that I've heard. Jeff Tweedy and Wilco have done this song but for some reason's Beck's is better but I don't know why. That last sentence was pretty hard for me to write seeing as how a). Wilco is my favorite band and should also be your favorite band and that b). Wilco is the best band...ever. Well actually the Beatles were better but I'm way off topic now. Hope you enjoy this song, its just Beck, his cool voice, and an acoustic guitar. For more songs relating to love and Valentines Day check out the post from Feb. 6. Bye now.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Just to stay

Jolie Holland-Sascha
When I heard this track, the first second of it, when her voice entered, I knew there was something special about it and that I would buy this album. It's beautiful, ghostly sounding, and ancient. It doesn't fit in with 2004, its more like 1804 than anything else. The song is simple and and breathtaking. Sometimes less is more. The best, actually there is no best way to describe this song, is a woman with a haunting jazz/twang kind of voice singing a folk song with minimal accompaniment anmd that its a fine piece of music.

Monday, February 07, 2005

The Casiogoats?

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone-Jeane, if you're ever in Portland
Catchy, blippy, synthy, and well done. Those were my first thoughts when I heard this one man band. But after a second go round the phrase "hugely derivative" comes to mind. I like this music but i cannot get it out of my head that this guy is ripping off the Mountain Goats, from the super low-fi production to the lyrics and his phrasing, its all too similar to John Darneille's work. Buth the thing is that Darnielle's work is far superior to his, just listen to "Blues in Dallas" from "All Hail West Texas" note the similarities and then note how much better the Mountain Goats are. Well enough bitching here's another song.

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone-Rice Dream Girl
This song is the best one of his that I've heard. It's funny"in an attempt to get my groove on, I offered you my White Castle coupon" and I think most eveybody can identify with the theme of seeing someody who's quite good looking and then experienceing a brief infatuation with them. It'a human nature...I guess.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Take the Greyhound home

I hate today's country music. It's abiltity to induce vomiting never ceases to amaze me. But i sure do love me some country rock. Some people call it alt. country but whatever you call it its good stuff. Ryan Adam's first album, the Old 97s, Uncle Tupelo and today's post, The Drive-By Truckers. Its all country rock and its all really good

Drive-By Truckers-Goddamn Lonely Love
This is one of those "gimme a drink im depressed and sick of love and its sick of me" kind of song. But its really pretty even if it doesn't really offer any hope except for the comfort that somebody feels like you do. The songs of the Drive-By Truckers aren't really giving people hope, they're more about telling how fucked up everything in the South and everywhere else is. But whatever its still one of the best songs Ive heard in the past two months. I bought this CD, the dirty south, in a discount bin because I had heard so much about them. Needless to say I wasnt dissapointed.