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Monday, February 14, 2005

St. Valentine was not a real least that's what they tell me

So once upon a time there was a kid at college without any reason to acknowledge Valentine's Day but he did anyway by posting this song for the people who feel sad or mad on this Hallmark Holiday.

Beck-True Love Will Find You in the End

This song is a cover of Daniel Johnston tune, a schizophrenic comic book enthusiast and musician who writes emotionally honest songs about pretty much everything. This performance comes from last years Cochella music festival and Beck's cover is the best that I've heard. Jeff Tweedy and Wilco have done this song but for some reason's Beck's is better but I don't know why. That last sentence was pretty hard for me to write seeing as how a). Wilco is my favorite band and should also be your favorite band and that b). Wilco is the best band...ever. Well actually the Beatles were better but I'm way off topic now. Hope you enjoy this song, its just Beck, his cool voice, and an acoustic guitar. For more songs relating to love and Valentines Day check out the post from Feb. 6. Bye now.


  • Even though these links still don't work for me, I just now happened to find this on a copy of Daniel Johnston's Discovered Covered that Morgan made for me a long time ago and I never really listened to. So I'm listening to it now, a good choice for fellow Lonely Losers on Valetine's Day.

    By Blogger elisa, at 6:30 PM  

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