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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Take the Greyhound home

I hate today's country music. It's abiltity to induce vomiting never ceases to amaze me. But i sure do love me some country rock. Some people call it alt. country but whatever you call it its good stuff. Ryan Adam's first album, the Old 97s, Uncle Tupelo and today's post, The Drive-By Truckers. Its all country rock and its all really good

Drive-By Truckers-Goddamn Lonely Love
This is one of those "gimme a drink im depressed and sick of love and its sick of me" kind of song. But its really pretty even if it doesn't really offer any hope except for the comfort that somebody feels like you do. The songs of the Drive-By Truckers aren't really giving people hope, they're more about telling how fucked up everything in the South and everywhere else is. But whatever its still one of the best songs Ive heard in the past two months. I bought this CD, the dirty south, in a discount bin because I had heard so much about them. Needless to say I wasnt dissapointed.


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