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Thursday, March 31, 2005

That shit's for girls yo...listen to it anyway

Tori Amos-Silent All These Years (piano solo demo)
Some people would term this music "vagina rock". Although this is quite a hilarious term I would like to use a different one to describe it; good. Tori's albums up until "Scarlet's Walk" have been challenging, intense, beautiful, nasty, ugly and immensely rewarding. Scarlet's walk seems like she has mellowed out, like there's no fire inside her anymore. Her new music feels like it lacks the intimacy of albums like "Under the Pink" and Little Earthquakes". Sad to say some of it feels and sounds a great deal of crap that they throw on easy listening radio stations. This song comes from the "Little Earthquakes" demos, the album is what I feel is her best. "Silent All These Years" is definetly one of my favortie songs and is the song that first caught my ear when my friend Hallie burned "Little Earthquakes" for me. Its a lot of fun listening to this demo without any thing but her and a piano. I especially love to hear her playing with the syllables, stretching them out, and giving them a differnt emphasis then what appeared on the album.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Heavy walking

Sun Kil Moon-Glenn Tipton
This song is so much more than the sum of it's parts. Just his voice just a guitar. His voice, god, it wavers sometimes, I can't tell if its intentional but its moving nonetheless. He creates this incredibly heavy mood for him to contemplate his father, his heroes, death, friends and lost love-"I claimed my first victim when I was nineteen", and loneliness-"I stay up all night watching cable" and damn near anything you can think of. For some reason I find Mark Kozelek's, former frontman fo the Red House Painters, music very powerful. It's kind of like Dylan Thomas' poetry, sometimes I can't read more than two in a row because it so overwhelming. This is Sun Kil Moon's only album, and when I checked their website it says presently they have no plans to record which is shame. The album which this comes from "Ghosts of the Great Highway" stays very much in the same mood as this song, its opener, but the music is varied adding in drums, electric guitars, and other things along the way. They only accent the beauty of the music, its never smeared onto the song unpurposefully.

Sun Kil Moon-Gentle Moon
Here's another song. Reminds me of a transient walking down an empty road with light of the full moon being his only friend.
Kind of sad, but beautiful.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Please be kind

Well today I decided to post some of the music I made over spring break. It was fun to make but for you it might be markedly less fun to listen to. My roomate said liked it that's a plus but he also has to live with me. I've done these songs because even though I'm in college and there's about 3 billion people who play music, I still have managed to not form a band or meet more than 1 serious guitar player. So I've been forced to become a laptop musician. If I were in a band, I'm not sure that this is the kind of music that I would be making. Oh well. It'll do for now. On to the Bedroom Tapes!
Richard Dahl-sinking city ver.2
This song I recorded onto my laptop using only my guitar and voice, afterwards I manipulated the it on the computer. I think this turned out the best of what I've done so far
Richard Dahl-city sound byte ver.2
I'm particularly proud of the middle section of this song, before i processed the sound, it was just me tapping on a coffee table and making weird sounds with my mouth. yay.
Richard Dahl-cities lost at sea
The title of this song is what I plan on using as my next band name if I'm in another one. And if I join a band, they're gonna hafta change their name. Its just too funky fresh to be thrown to the wayside. Also, same deal with the song; me, a guitar, and me laptop. I hope you enjoy this.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Back in the Fire

Well I'm back, I now have server space courtesy of my dad. On to todays post. German people. Real German people are scary. If you don't believe me listen to this song. The vocals are absolutely terrifying. The music however, is beautiful but also helps to set a pretty creepy mood within the song. The band is Neu!. The German duo repsonsible for what is referred to as the "motorkik" sound not heard on this song. If you're looking for that listen to "Hallogallo" instead of this:
Neu!-Lieber Honig
Another note on this song, its the last track from the first album if the ending to it confuses you, in context it makes sense...kinda.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Well, my hosting ran out, so Im gonna have to scare up a hundred dollars to pay for a host for the mp3's. I'll have it sorted out in about a week. Keep checking back please.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Kind of Blue

Everything is Fine-1000 seconds

Everything is fine is a band that I know nothing about except that I like the name and one of their songs. I don't even know where I got this song, probably from another mp3 blog. The song moves very slowly, never speeds up, you're just kind of along for the ride. Whenever I listen to this song I always imagine sheets of blue color drifting around inside my head. The singer sounds detatched, sad, and a little hopeful while various keyboards and a trebley guitar drift around the song. I like it for when I'm feeling languid, which is pretty often now seeing as how its finals week, there's nothing to do and doing nothing can make you tired. You know, it'd be cool if this song were actuall a 1000 seconds long. No wait...that would suck. Have fun.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Keep your distance

Wilco-Venus Stop the Train

This comes from the sessions for "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" out of which came my favorite album of all time. This didn't make it on the album and I'm glad it didn't. Not because it blows but because it would have been out of place. The dark piano underneath really amtches the mood of the lyrics which might be about child abuse(I may be waaay off on that but its what i think). I love the melody, the harmonies that come in at just the right time, and especially the word coupling "soft saddness". Lyrics don't get much better than that. Sorry for the brevity of my post, I'm tired. enjoy. Hi mom and dad.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Clouds taste metallic

Mum's(pronounced Moom, it has a thingy over the U that i can't type) music feels like a dream to me. It's filled with space, colors, and it doesn't make any sense. The music comes to us all the way from Iceland home to other groups like the Album Leaf and Sigur Ros. Mum is better than both of these. One night I tried to fall asleep to Sigur Ros and it was soooo boring that it kept me awake, so instead I listened to Wilco and was able to fall asleep. But that's not that important. What is, however, is the twin sisters who provide the vocals. They sound ethereal, kind of like how you'd expect the ghost of a small girl to sound. The voices swim in the instrumentaion so you feel like you're floating. The cello, the treated keyboards, whatever else, and the drum machines all have a very natural feel to them. With those voices mixed with the music it seems like music from another world but its somehow familar and comfortable. Sorry if I'm repating myself, here's the song , see if you agree with me.

Mum-Green Grass of Tunnel

The song is from "Finally We are No One", an album far better than any of Sigur Ros' efforts.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Speakers speakin in code


You know I can't really understand what M.I.A. is saying but I like it. She's a Sri Lankan rapper who now lives in England(I think). There aren't many words except buzzwords to describe her music. If I were to describe it using those it would go a little soemthing like this: M.I.A.'s music is an eclectic mish-mash of British garage, house, and grime music thats suits her cryptic yet enticing vocals to a tee. How was that, pretty shitty huh? Speaking of shitty, that is the word some of my friends would choose to describe this song. However, they have no taste and think that the Backstreet Boys are reperesentative of high art. So, don't listen to them, listen to me. I say this is fanstastic. Her debut album, "Arular", is due out...soon.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Dark Reminder

Xiu Xiu-Clowne Towne

Xiu Xiu is a band that challenges it's listeners with every song it makes. But Xiu Xiu's great strength is that while making challenging music they make music that has a kind of scarred beauty to it. Jaime Stewart's lyrics are intense, morose, and over the top. His voice, filled with pain and exigency. All the while electronic blips skitter around drums machines and exploding keyboards and guitars. All thses factors come together to make some of the best music I heard in 2004. This song is from their last album "Fabulous Muscles", there new one "La Foret" is due July 12th on 5RC.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Watchin' the river flow

M. Ward's voice is a bittersweet sigh. M. Ward's voce is a bittersweet whisper. His music is a kind of melancholy happiness. His songs sound old but have freshness to them that I find umm...refreshing. His songs fell comfortable and like a contradiction. When I hear his voice, his acoustic guitar, with a buzzing electric guitar in ther background I'm reminded of sepia-tone photographs of a small wooden house with a dusty porch, an empty rocking chair, and a muddy river crawling across the picture. It never ceases to amaze me when just the tone of a song can bring up all sorts of images in your head, M. Ward is able to do this consistently. These two songs make me smile a real soft smile and I hope they'll bring the same to you.

M. Ward-Vincent O'Brien


M. Ward-Outta My Head
These songs are from his old album "The Transfiguration of Vincent O'Brien" and it is very good.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Let it Be

The Replacements-Answering Machine

The Replacemnts are one of music's best kept secrets. This sucks considering they're one of the best bands I've ever heard. Paul Westerberg, the groups leader, has an amazing ability to write rock songs chock full of punk energy. But he also has that Lennon/McCartney kind of talent that allows him to write acoustic and introspective songs. This song combines both these sensibilities. It's just Westerberg, his tobacco scared voice(is that redundant?), and his electric guitar with tons of reverb and nasty distortion piled on. I love every single lyric in this song especially "try and breathe some life into a letter", the chorus, and "try and teach a whore about romance". So if you can't tell that I wish I could've written this song, then maybe you should go back to preschool. If you like this song, get the album "Let it Be" there's no filler on there, its all good.