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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Clouds taste metallic

Mum's(pronounced Moom, it has a thingy over the U that i can't type) music feels like a dream to me. It's filled with space, colors, and it doesn't make any sense. The music comes to us all the way from Iceland home to other groups like the Album Leaf and Sigur Ros. Mum is better than both of these. One night I tried to fall asleep to Sigur Ros and it was soooo boring that it kept me awake, so instead I listened to Wilco and was able to fall asleep. But that's not that important. What is, however, is the twin sisters who provide the vocals. They sound ethereal, kind of like how you'd expect the ghost of a small girl to sound. The voices swim in the instrumentaion so you feel like you're floating. The cello, the treated keyboards, whatever else, and the drum machines all have a very natural feel to them. With those voices mixed with the music it seems like music from another world but its somehow familar and comfortable. Sorry if I'm repating myself, here's the song , see if you agree with me.

Mum-Green Grass of Tunnel

The song is from "Finally We are No One", an album far better than any of Sigur Ros' efforts.


  • i really enjoy your critiques even though i am not able to hear the music on my computer...very descriptive....SMD

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:12 PM  

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