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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Let it Be

The Replacements-Answering Machine

The Replacemnts are one of music's best kept secrets. This sucks considering they're one of the best bands I've ever heard. Paul Westerberg, the groups leader, has an amazing ability to write rock songs chock full of punk energy. But he also has that Lennon/McCartney kind of talent that allows him to write acoustic and introspective songs. This song combines both these sensibilities. It's just Westerberg, his tobacco scared voice(is that redundant?), and his electric guitar with tons of reverb and nasty distortion piled on. I love every single lyric in this song especially "try and breathe some life into a letter", the chorus, and "try and teach a whore about romance". So if you can't tell that I wish I could've written this song, then maybe you should go back to preschool. If you like this song, get the album "Let it Be" there's no filler on there, its all good.


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