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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Speakers speakin in code


You know I can't really understand what M.I.A. is saying but I like it. She's a Sri Lankan rapper who now lives in England(I think). There aren't many words except buzzwords to describe her music. If I were to describe it using those it would go a little soemthing like this: M.I.A.'s music is an eclectic mish-mash of British garage, house, and grime music thats suits her cryptic yet enticing vocals to a tee. How was that, pretty shitty huh? Speaking of shitty, that is the word some of my friends would choose to describe this song. However, they have no taste and think that the Backstreet Boys are reperesentative of high art. So, don't listen to them, listen to me. I say this is fanstastic. Her debut album, "Arular", is due out...soon.


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