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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I'm happy and I'm counting...1,2,3

Jim O'Rourke is the man who can do everything. He can play anything, produce records, mix them( big 'ol props for Yankee Hotel Foxtrot), write great lyrics, and he can sing...umm make that kinda. The thing with O'Rourke is that he can hit all the notes perfectly but it's just not in a special way. He has a perfectly normal singing voice, nothing special nothing bad. His lyrics do make up for this, they are hilarious in that deadpan/dry kinda humour. O'Rourke once stated that his lyrics we're about "the sexual misadventures of decrepit people" whoa. That specific. Yes, listen to the songs. The album that these songs come from, "Insignificance", is his '70s rock album and it's quite good and super normal for a man usually know for his avant-garde, noise-rock leanings.

Jim O'Rourke-Therefore I Am
This first song starts of with a pretty straight ahead guitar and drums thing but when you get to the chorus, that's when it gets special. His voice goes into the upper register and the high notes give something to his voice that his regular tenor cannot. At the same time the instruments stay the same but change up to create this really hazy atmoshpere. Listen to the drums here, they make the mood, his playing brings out all kinds of textures and the feeling of variety to the song. They are courtesy of Glenn Kotche, Chicago sesssion musician and WILCO drummer!
Jim O'Rourke-Memory Lame
This song is funny as hell. In this one he describes how an ex-lover is excruiating to his senses( sight, hearing etc.). The instrumentation completely serves the song in this one, and as much as I hate to make comaprisons to other bands, part of the instrumental breakdown sounds like Modest Mouse(AAARRRRRGGHHH! I CAN'T BELIEVE I JUST TYPED THAT! IT'S EVERYTHING I HATE ABOUT MUSIC WRITING). Alright, sorry for the outburst, enjoy these songs, I hope you find them as funny as I do.


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