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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Why Hip-Hop Sucks in '96

cLOUDDEAD-Apt. A Pt. 1
I used to love Hip-Hop, a lot when I was in 7th grade up until my sophomore year of highschool. But then it just got boring. Right about then I discoverd the Beatles which is one of the best things that ever happened to me. Recently I've been listening to more and more Hip-Hop artists like Buck 65, Talib Kwali, and cLOUDDEAD are refreshing and different. cLOUDDEAD was given to me on a data cd about 6 months ago but I never got around to listening to it until now. It is...I don't know. The beats are a mix of droneing keyboards, a sick drumbeat, and who knows what. The rappers' vocies weave and flow around eachother, its so natural. The lyrics are impressive, self depricating, and funny too "do you know how many times I've thought about writing about the paper I'm writing on?". What!? I love that. The rhyme schemes are also something else, you know how Eminem will kepp the same rhyme scheme sometimes for an entire song? It's a feat in a way but it can also be tiring. These guys will switch up their flow midsentence and do it so well it will make you laugh. At least it made me laugh. They also switch the song up mid song and do it well. Get this album.


  • ah yes, how could anyone forget richard in his hip hop/rap days...if I recall correctly, he was referred to by some as the "ghetto master." Yes, those were the days--the days of the puffy jacket [cue harp music]

    By Anonymous Mariah, at 4:39 PM  

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