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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The Fearless Freaks

Transmission from the Satelltie Heart- How have I never heard this album before? Almost everyone says that "The Soft Bulletin" is their best album but I was never blown away by that. This entire album kicks my ass. The insane sounds that they force out of studio effects and then paste them all over a song with a gorgeous pop melody blow me away. Right now I'm having a hard time deciding whether I like this album better or "Yoshi Battles the Pink Robots", another stellar effort.

The Flaming Lips-Turn It On
This is the opener to "Transmissions From the Satellite Heart". Dirty guitar beating the song ahead with tons of wierd sonic shit going on in the backgound. Excellent music happens when this paired with Wayne Coyne's strained voice. The best word I can think of to decribe their music is: bipolar. Theres all this disordley sound crashing throughout the song, manic energy, while Waynes' singing and his melodies are calming and beautiful. It creates an inimitable dynamic that makes me proud to wear my Flaming Lips t-shirt today(even though it has an ink stain right smack on the front).


  • hi shauna!!! (not richard, hahaha you are so annoyed right now) i just now saw the message you posted the other day, you are so sweet! i can't wait for us all to be home this summer so we can catch up, i'll have to make richard invite us all over again :) i hope all is well, see you soon!
    ps nice post richard, its always good to hear stuff from bands you like that you've never heard before (i had to throw something construct in there, haha)

    By Anonymous Emily, at 11:01 PM  

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