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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Classical Gas

Letting Up Despite Great Faults-Maybe I'll Hide With You
Letting Up Despite Great Faults-If You're Here Today
You know, I don't really understand the name of this guy's one-man band. To me it doesn't make sense am I missing something. But who really gives a fuck if I don't understand the name, what's important is if the music is good or not. It is. Its not really anything new or pushing the limits. Its some nice music from a guy with classical backgrounds in guitar/piano who uses a sweet drum machine. The lyrics are forgettable but his voice sounds interestnig and comfortable in the musical context. Its really just another instrument adding textures to an overall sound and feel. My favorite song here is "If You're Here Today". The guitar is like a pendulum swinging back and forth while the keyboards and drum machine storm under it; creating a soft and sad atmosphere. Check out more of his music at his website. Its pretty stuff.