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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Cinematic Orchestra

Brian Eno-The Big Ship
This song is from Brian Eno's solo album "Another Green World" and proves that he is not only one of the greatest ambient/instrumental artists of the 20th century but one of the best period. Eno can evoke so much emotion with just his instrumental pieces than most artists can do with words. "The Big Ship" is a has so much drama and emotion in its short three minutes span that you get caught up in the song by the time its over you're left wanting so much more. That sort of begs the question, does this song go anywhere? It builds up with no real ending or resolution but I think that in this context the journey is much more important that the final destination. Its amazing, how this song can make you feel tense, foreboding, and euphoric all at the same time with the keyboards skipping all over the space while the organ provides the wave-like foundation for the track. This song would be perfect, if nobody's done it yet, for a key moment in a film because its such a cinematic piece on its own. Here's a nice little scenario: a woman in a long coat is waiting in line to board a train looking over her shoulder every so often. You can tell she's in a hurry to get on he train, as she gets closer and closer to boarding. Cut to a car pulling into the driveway of a picturesque two story home. Then cut to a man entering the home, taking off his jacket and hanging throwing his keys onto the table. There he finds a note. As he's reading the music reaches a climax as the camera cuts to a close-up of his eyes widening in disbelief. The last shot then shows the woman on the train looking out the window with a soft smile on her face. As the music fades out we see the train race into the distance. So what have we learned here? Brian Eno + cliche ending=Academy Award gold. sweet!


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  • you should post more often. the radio still sucks.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:47 AM  

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